Whale Watching - Lunch Pack
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Whale Watching - Lunch Pack

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Part of our drive to produce a product that reduces single-use plastics was the realisation that now, more than ever, it is vital that humanity understand the severity of the problems our oceans face, and the urgent action required to turn the tide on plastic. ALL marine life is impacted by the overwhelming amount of pollution in our oceans. This Lunch Pack is a LIMITED EDITION, paying homage to the most majestic and graceful mammals of the sea.
You can 'Whale Watch' every day with this fun and vibrant blue Lunch Pack.
Lunch Packs include:
1 Small (18 x 22 cm), 1 Medium (26 x 33cm)
100% Natural Ingredients * Biodegradable * Handcrafted in New Zealand
* * * Each wrap is lovingly hand made and may vary slightly in shape and size from the dimensions above. * * *
Sets are limited so place your order now.
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